I value any contribution to Diff::LCS you can provide: a bug report, a feature request, or code contributions.

Code contributions to Diff::LCS are especially <del>welcome</del>encouraged. Because Diff::LCS is a complex codebase, there are a few guidelines:

Test Dependencies

To run the test suite, you will need to install the development dependencies for Diff::LCS. If you have Bundler, you can accomplish this easily:

$ bundle install

Diff::LCS uses Ryan Davis’s excellent Hoe to manage the release process, and it adds a number of rake tasks. You will mostly be interested in:

$ rake

which runs the tests the same way that:

$ rake spec
$ rake test
$ rake travis

will do.


Here’s the most direct way to get your work merged into the project:


Thanks to everyone else who has contributed to Diff::LCS: